Monday, 21 February 2011


Firstly may I say thank you to everyone who left the very kind comments concerning our recent loss they were greatly appreciated.
Also sorry for the lack of posts and not visiting your blogs and leaving comments, the reason for this is that a couple of weeks ago I was checking some of the images on my blog and when I clicked on some of them a warning message from Microsoft appeared say that this web site was unsafe and could retrieve personal information about you and to leave it immediately.
Needless to say I was very concerned about this, I know my PC is ok as I have two separate lots of virus software scanning at different times and no problems have been reported.
But thinking about it the blog site comes under the control of Google and if something got through their checks it would be beyond my control.
I did inform google about this but have not received any reply, so to make sure I have not visited any blogs for the past couple of weeks for fear of causing others problems.
The bottom line is that I came on this morning with the intention of deleting my blog, but checking through I cannot get this message to come up, so I am wondering if there was a glitch in the system and perhaps it has been sorted.
I would really appreciate anyone letting me know if they get this message up as I will not visit any ones blog until I am sure its ok.

So onto the post content, Mark and I went to Godrevy Yesterday ad found this Kestrel sitting on a fence post, managed to get to within 4 metres of it and it was not the least bit concerned.
This resulted in the best Kestrel images I have ever taken, so below are three of the many I took.

Footnote   I have explored this message and its a problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer issuing false warnings the best cure is to run Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser.
So I am running Chrome and if the problem persists will switch over to Firefox as I have both on my PC.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Patricia Dawn

27/2/1935  -  10/2/2011

To a beautiful Sister who left the best memories anyone could ever ask for.
We grew as two families loving, laughing, enjoying many happy times with our two sets of daughters.
Your shining light will never dim.
God Bless You.