Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I forgot to include this one in the post last night, Had it in the moth trap about a week ago and cannot identify it from any of my books. So any identification would be appreciated. It was very small and quite lively and just after this shot flew off gracefully into the trees. I think its lovely and maybe it does deserve a post all to its self.

Monday, 28 September 2009


Went to Lands End again yesterday morning, and bird wise it was absolutely dead the only notable sighting was the Melodious Warbler and a few Chiffchaffs and Robins. So I have taken a few images from my last two weeks outings. So with the holiday at an end it was back to work this morning, and boy was it a long day  (seemed like a fortnight). So with the evenings drawing in there wont be so much time for  Photo's during the week.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


I was up and about this morning long before the Sun was awake, as I wanted an early start down to Land's End for a few hours birding. On arrival at around 07.20am met up with two birding pals Mark and Paul and set off in hunt for a Melodious Warbler a scarce Autum Migrant which Mark had seen the previous day. The weather was dull and overcast, but not a breath of wind which is very unusual for this area, after searching for an hour  it was located in a clump of Sallows tho very elusive. After a brief glimpse it flew off into another group of trees in a private garden with no access. So it was decided to take a walk along the cycle track towards Sennen, again all was quiet except for a few flocks of Pipits flying over and distant views of Kestral and Sparrowhawk. So again it was back to the Sallows for the Melodious which was relocated after about 10 minutes. It was still not close enough for good photo's but managed to get a few the best of which I have included below, again they have been heavily cropped and are really only record shots.

After spending 20 mins with this bird someone had a call to say that a Rustic Bunting had been located along the cycle track, now this is a real rareity so everyone set off in that direction. To cut the story short it was not relocated after an extensive search so just hope it stays around for another day. Still while looking for this we did get another scarce migrant a Richard's Pipit was seen flying around the area. So after a quiet start it turned out to be a very good morning. Also had the added bonus of bumping into JR & Sue for a short chat.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Went down to Falmouth this afternoon for a walk around the town, and afterwards took a trip around Castle Drive out to Pendennis Point which is a favourite veiwing place for Falmouth Bay and the Carrack Roads. On parking I noticed in front of me this Buzzard sitting on a flagpole on the Shore line. I have seen a Buzzard here on numerous occasions, but never on this perch which is usually reserved for Herring Gulls. Oh damm I thought having left my DSLR at home and that is something I very rarely do when I go to Falmouth, still I had my compact with me and any shot is better than nothing. So your all wondering whats all the hype about a Common Buzzard.well this area was full of cars and people and when I walked to the edge of the path and started to take shots one or two others started to show interest and out came the cameras. Then the comments started,"what is it I dont think its a seagull or is it? " " Dont know what it is but its beautiful " By this time quite a few people had taken interest, and I was having a quiet chuckle listening to them.
Then a couple turned up with a spotting scope proceeded to set it up on a tripod. Then they were being asked if they  knew what it was, after some delibration between the two of them and much looking the lady turned to the interested parties and declared its a PEREGRINE FALCON. I am sorry to say that at this point I was in hysterics, and could not bring myself to correct them. Alas its a pity no one noticed the lovely flock of Goldfinches and the Chiffchaffs sitting in bushes between us and the PERE-BUZZ.

Monday, 21 September 2009


I spent last weekend jumping between work and and play, firstly I have got the garden finished so things should be a bit easier from now on. Went down to Marazion on Saturday & Sunday morning, and finally nailed the Baird's Sandpiper and also two Little Stint, that was until people of a less educated stature walked right through the middle oF them and they disappeared off towards the Mount. This was after they were asked politely to walk around the area. It was then over to the Marsh to see if the Spotted Crake was still around, It was possibly the wrong time of day as it is mostly seen early morning or late afternoon. There is also a Bittern in residence at the moment so thats something to try and get on the year list. Anyway all was not lost as suddenly there was a flash of Blue And Orange and a Kingfisher flew across and landed in the reeds opposite. It gave me about three minutes of Photo opportunity. It was stiil a little to far for the lens, so the photo in the post is quite heavily cropped. As it was National Moth Night on Sat and Sunday I set the moth Trap up, I have been concerned about the number of Moths being trapped as it has dropped dramaticly this year. So after spending an hour in the garden on Sat evening I have found the problem. The Council have replaced a streetlight with a new Sodium lamp which is very bright about 6 metres from my back garden, and there were lots of Moths flitting around it. I dont think there is anything that can be done about it. Well I had better stop waffling on, so the only other thing was on Sunday afternoon I took a walk across Buller Downs. So the post tonight is a selection of the weekends activities.

 Nature's Larder.
So it would seem summer is almost over as the mornings and evenings are getting darker. Nature can still put on a colourful show with all the autum berries for birds to feast on, and still some lovely flowers for the necter searchers to sip on. With the late surge of warm weather There is plenty of food for everyone at the moment.

Once again I have messed up on my Moth ID, The Ear Moth is in fact a Square Spot Rustic, and the Fan Foot is a Snout. So many thanks again to John Swann for pointing this out to me. I must admit I find identifying some of them very frustrating. Maybe I should not name them. No I will not do that because then I would not learn anything. So John please keep giving the benefit of your expertise as it is much appreciated.

Friday, 18 September 2009


Spent yesterday afternoon working in the garden, where a couple of bits caught my eye, The Saw fly was very obliging as it went through the Begonias'. Also the Garden Spider was too good to miss with the black backdrop.
So last night I put out the Moth Trap, only about half a dozen species of which the Brimestone was the most outstanding. The real suprise was the Caddis Fly as this was a first for the Trap, and I must say I think it is a beautiful insect even when it performs Hand stands.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I am on holiday this week so today my wife and I went to the fishing Port of Padstow about 30 miles north from Redruth. This is the largest fishing port on the North Coast of Cornwall, and is a very popular Tourist Destination as you can see from the photo's.There is a good mixture of small shops catering for all tastes, as well as good Pubs and Resturant.s. The renouned Chef Rick Stein has  three establisments all serving local seafood, (Which is Great). Each Mayday their is a tradition called Obbi Oss day which attracts visitors from far and wide. We drove the Coast road to Padstow and stopped on route to look at the great view from Watergate Bay.