Monday, 24 April 2017


Once again sorry for the lack of posts over the last month,this is because of a hacker who managed to get into my system and got my banking details. I was very fortunate I realised what was happening and managed to get it frozen just in time, but I can say I had a very close call.
So I have had to clean the whole system including the bios, but it seem all ok now.
So just to say these are a few images over the last month on the few outings I have made. 

CHIFFCHAFF (Nanquidno ).

CHIFFCHAFF ( Nanquidno ).

KESTREL ( The Lizard ).

WHITE THROAT ( The Lizard ).



WOODCHAT SHRIKE ( Hendra /Cot Valley ).

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

VARIOUS 22/03/2017.

Finally I can manage to get a post on, What with some adverse weather and the fact that I have spent the last few weeks decorating, everything else has taken a back seat.
So here are some images I have taken on the times I have been out, I have added the locations to show where the shots were taken.

GLAUCOUS GULL ( Helston Boating Lake ).

GLAUCOUS GULL ( Helston Boating Lake ).

BULLFINCH / M & F  (Home Feeders ).

JAY (Tehidy Country Park ).

LITTLE GULL (Long Rock Pool Marazion ).


NUTHATCH ( Tehidy Country Park ).

YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER (Tehidy Country Park  ).

YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER (Tehidy Country Park  ).

Thursday, 9 February 2017

VARIOUS 09/02/2017.

Not had the chance to do much Photography lately, so here is a catch up of the few times I have managed to get the shutter clicking.
Looking forward to spring when everything starts to move and hopefully the weather gets a bit better. 

BLACK-HEADED GULL ( Helston Boating Lake ).

COMMON BUZZARD (St Clemrnt Truro ).

GREENSHANK ( St Clement Truro ).

ICELAND GULL ( Helston Boating Lake ).

ICELAND GULL ( Helston Boating Lake ).

ROBIN (Tehidy Woods ).

CATKIN ( Tehidy Woods ).

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

VARIOUS 04/01/2017

Well 2017 and here's wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, These images were taken over the past couple of day's and a good start to the birding year.

Madarin Duck ( Drift Res ).

Redshank ( Mousehole ).

Snipe (Stithians Res ).

Water Rail ( Stithians Res ).