Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Below are a selection of images from the past year,I have used the image I feel is the best and not concentrated on rarities or migrants as I think the commoner species give just as much pleasure. Also included is what I consider my best image of 2011 The Kestrel at St Gothian Sands LNR, and this will feature in my sidebar as best image 2011.
On another note My daughter has had her back operation, is back home and making good progress.The first week after the operation is the first time she has had no  pain for 24 years, so hope this will carry on and she can begin to enjoy life once again.
So below is my pick of images for 2011, some have appeared in posts over the past year whilst others are getting a first airing.
I hope you enjoy them and once again your support is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Last but not least the iconic Christmas bird The Robin.

Finally once again I wish you all.........