Sunday, 24 November 2013


On Friday woke up to a beautiful though frosty morning, and as I had already made
 plans with Brian to take a trip over to the Roseland Peninsula to look for the Pacific Diver which has been in Gerrans Bay for the last couple of weeks.
Although there were a good number of divers in the bay mainly Black Throated divers, ID was very difficult as everything was in silhouette due to the harsh sunlight off the water. Though there was one candidate for the Pacific but could not get enough detail to be really sure.  Still it was a real pleasure to be out in such conditions.
So next we went off in search of the Cirl Buntings which have been re- introduced to the area and were lucky enough to encounter half a dozen, and though they were very active I did manage to catch one sunning itself on a branch and managed to get close enough for a few shots.
So I have posted three images of it, also added a Goldfinch of which I now have good numbers coming to the feeders, this image was taken with the 70-300mm lens which I am find quite a joy to use. 





Monday, 11 November 2013


Photographic opportunities have been on the sparse side lately, so sorry for the lack of posts.
I have been out on a few occasions and nothing has been close enough to shoot, so that aside I did get down to Hayle yesterday morning and finally caught up with the White-Rumped Sandpipers on the forth attempt,
There have been three of these hanging around for the past week or so which is unusual as we normally only get single birds.
So the images below are the best of the bunch, not the best light and I have had to crop them quite a bit as well as using a 1x4 converter which I do not find ideal.
Still something is better than nothing at all.