Monday, 27 June 2011



Well finally the weather has become a bit better for a couple of days, so yesterday my wife and I went to Truro for a stroll around and give her a bit of retail therapy.
The afternoon was spent catching up with gardening chores, I wanted to get these out of the way to leave time to get out with the camera over the next few days.
The images below were taken in the late afternoon and I was expirimenting with some attachments to get the camera even closer to the subject.
These images have minimal cropping and are around 2-3 times life size.

Hoverfly (Episyrphus Balteatus ) 10-15mm

Hoverfly (Episyrphus Balteatus ) 10-15mm

Fly  (Poecilobothrus Nobilitatus ) 8mm

Found this one resting on my garden shed and realised I had not photographed it before.


Thursday, 23 June 2011



Now as you may know I am not in the habit of putting family photo's on my blog, but tonight I am making an exception.
As I said in my last post I am busy at the moment scanning in old family photographs, and in one of my late mothers albums that I borrowed from a Sister I was surprised to come across the photo below.
This image shows my Grandfather and Grandmother with my late Auntie standing on a chair and my mother as a baby on my Grandmothers lap.
Working out the age of my mother in the picture to be around 3 months old, and she was born in November 1903, this photograph must have been taken in the Spring of 1904.
Sadly as I am the youngest of nine children both my Grandparents passed away before I was born, also only around three very blurred images of my Father have been found and I only have vague memories of him as he passed away when I was Six years old.
Still it was great to find this real surprise.



Tuesday, 21 June 2011



On the only decent day we had last week, I took a walk from the village of St Earth along the bank of the Hayle River towards the village of Relubbas.
Let me first state that the River is very small and at this time of the year resembles little more than a stream, as there is very little bird activity at the moment it was the Macro lens that again came into use.
I have included a few scenes of the area and although being a very pleasant walk the scenery is not spectacular.
I like this area because of the varied Insects that can be found and the gentle sound of running water can be very soothing.

St Earth. (Junction at the bottom of the village ).

Beetle ( Oedemera Nobolis ) Male. 8 - 10mm.

Bug ( Coerus Marginnatus ). 15mm

St  Earth. (Looking back over the bridge that spans the river).

Hover Fly ( Helophilus Pendulus ). 12mm.

St Earth Church. ( From across the river ).

Hover Fly ( Xanthogramma Pedissequum ). 10 - 12mm

Hayle River.

Gold-Ringed Dragonfly.

Hayle River.

Hoverfly ( Episyrphus Balteatus ). 10 - 15mm

Leaf Beetle ( Donacia Vulgaris ). 7 - 10mm

Hayle River.

Meadow Plant Bug (Leptopterna Dolabrata ). 7 - 10mm

Scorpian Fly ( Panorpa Communis ). 10 - 15mm.

Hayle River.

Small Tortoiseshell.

Speckled Bush Cricket.

With the weather being so wet at the moment and not able to take images, I am spending the time scanning in loads of old family photographs. So the postings may be a little sparse until the weather improves.


Monday, 13 June 2011



Spent most of a very soggy Sunday yesterday in front of the PC it was really miserable outside, still it gave me a chance to catch up and sort a load of images I had in a pending folder.
Guess I sorted and identified around 200 photos ( No wonder I'm boggle eyed today ), still it was a job that needed doing.

So this post contains quite a number of images which I've taken since the start of the year, and hopefully they are Identified correctly !!!!!.


Black Headed Cardinal Beetle ( Lagria Hirta )

Bumble Bee (Bombus Platorum )

Bumble Bee

Click Beetle  ( Rhagonycha Fulva )

Digger Wasp ( Ammophila Sabulosa )

Dog Rose.

Dog Rose.

Drone Fly (Eristalis Tenax )

Empid Fly.

Empis Tessellata.


Hemlock Water-Dropwort.

Hemlock Water-Dropwort.

Horse Fly   ( Chrysops Caecutiens)

Hover flies - ( Sicus Ferrugineus)

Hoverfly  ( Volucella Bombylans)

Lily Beetle - (Lilliceris Lillii )



Sawfly  (Tenthredo mesomela )

Sawfly (Tenthredopsis scutellaris)

Short Winged Conehead.

Tarnished Leaf Bug ( Lygus Rugulipennis)

Wood Avens.

Wood For-Get-Me-Not.

Yellow Dung Fly.

Yellow Iris.