Thursday, 21 July 2016


A few images from a couple of outings this week, nice to have some really warm sunny weather for a change.
Best memory from the week was to see the two juvenile Peregrine Falcons displaying at Hell's Mouth, could have watched them forever.

Collared Dove ( Lanner )

Common Ragwort ( St Gothian Sands )

Fisherman's Cove ( Godrevy Head )

Green Veined White ( St Gothian Sands )

Peacock ( St Gothian Sands NR )

Pergerine Falcon Juv ( Hell's Mouth )

Small Copper ( St Gothian Sands NR )

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Have not been out for nearly three weeks now, due mainly to the weather and family commitments, so these images were taken around home and the birds were from a trip to De Lank Water Works on Bodmin Moor.
Just hope things start to improve over the coming weeks.

Cuckoo Bee {Psithyrus Barbutellus ( Lanner  )

Mistle Thrush ( Killivose GC )

Spotted Flycatcher ( De Lank WW )

True Fly  Tachina Fera ( St Gothian Sands )

Yellow Dung Fly ( St Gothian Sands )