Thursday, 25 June 2009


These photos are a series of shots taken at Zennor on the North coast Southwest of St Ives when I happened upon this wonderful sunset. After taking a few standard shots I decided to experiment with different angles. The first two shots are normal scenes, on the second two images I changed the perspective to give the shots a more dynamic look which I find pleasing. So don't ever be afraid to try something different as you could like the results.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I got the moth trap out at the weekend,and had a small quantity of moths about 23 in total. So here are some of my Back Garden catches, I have not named some as I have not had the time to identify them yet as I am uncertain of there names. So will try and put these on the post later.Not so much time at the moment as work is very busy and the garden takes up a lot of my evening time.

Friday, 19 June 2009


Raptors have to be my favourite birds, whenever I see one of these beautiful creatures I just have to stop and admire the shear beauty they evoke. I feel most people share this sentiment, so tonight I have put together a selection of my favourite Raptor images, I only wish that there were a few more in my library.
I have included the shots of the Hobby and the Honey Buzzard even though they are not good quality and only record shots.

SPARROWHAWK. Stithians Res

SPARROWHAWK. Nanquidno Valley PEREGRINE FALCON. Hells Mouth PEREGRINE FALCON. Hells Mouth KESTREL. St Gothians Sands KESTREL. St Gothians Sands
HONEY BUZZARD. Goonhilly Downs HOBBY. Croft Pascoe

Monday, 15 June 2009


Hi everyone sorry its been almost a week since the last post, but nice to be back. Quick update I had most of last week off from work as the weather forecast was good and still had a few jobs to catch up on outside, so have been very busy and just managed to get everything done, also upgraded the PC now running very quick indeed. Only got a few brief times with the cameras, so have put together a post of the weeks photo activities.
Swanpool near Falmouth Coot at Swanpool One off the six Cygnets at Swanpool.
Customs House Quay Falmouth
Customs House Quay at Falmouth with Chain Locker Pub in the Background.
Silver Ground Carpet from Friday nights Trap session. Scalloped Hazel "Thanks John"
Riband Wave " Thanks again John" Rabbit and Buttercups
"Foxglove" they are looking beautiful this year.
Buzzard along the old Treasavean Mine Tramway

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


What a wet week we are having should be out in the evenings enjoying some lovely sunshine instead of looking out the window at the rain. Good job we cannot control the weather, sun by day rain by night and still it would not suit everyone, This will be my last post for a couple of days, as tomorrow evening going to have a PC upgrade, new motherboard , processor and improved memory"god knows I need it" then it will be loading all the software back on. So for now I will leave you with these Pics .
Squash Bug Common Lizard

Saturday, 6 June 2009


How many times have we walked out at night and been bathed in soft subtle lighting, and looked up to the sky and seen Old Man Moon looking down on us. These days the effect is toned down by all the other effects from street lighting and buildings etc which is a shame as it detracts from the full beauty. I have always loved looking up on a clear night and seeing all the distant objects in our universe, and the thrill of occasionally seeing a shooting star with long trail as it enters the Earths atmosphere. Image 1 below was taken through my Birding Telescope, and images 2 and 3 with my Canon 20d and 400mm lens. The glow around the 3rd image is light cloud illuminated by street lighting.

Friday, 5 June 2009


Annually the town Of Redruth celebrates one its its most famous inventors"William Murdock", invented gas lighting and used it in his house and also experimented with Steam Locomotion. So on a Saturday during the month of June the steep main street is closed, and traders and shopkeepers set up stalls catering for all sorts of ware and Bric-a Brac. Local schoolchildren from schools in the area dance through the streets at various times during the , shop windows are decorated in the Cornish colours of Black and Amber with Cornish Tartans on Display. So Below are a large selection of images trying to give you a feel for the days events and activities. A couple of images of note, the house is where Murdock was born, the locomotive is a full size replica called The Murdock Flyer, The walled garden is the site of the old burnt out Gem Cinema now called Murdock Garden. Thanks JR for setting me straight on this one (must have had a senior moment)maybe it was because I was at Penzance last week taking some pics of Humphrey Davey's Statue and reading up about him