Friday, 29 May 2015


A few images taken during trips out in the past week. I Have managed a few new species I find this  very interesting because there are thousands to find and identify.

Beetle Cantharis Rustica( St Gothian Sands NR 

Beetle Oedemera Nobilis ( St Gothian Sands NR )

Capsid Bug ( St Gothian Sands NR )
This is a new one for me, and as of yet not managed to find the specific species.

Chaffinch ( Buller Downs )

Common Blue ( St Gothian Sands NR )

Hoverfly Volucella Bombylans ( St Gothian Sands )

There are two species of this Hoverfly which mimic the Red-Tailed and White -Tailed Bumble Bee.
This is also a new species. 

Orange Tip Female ( St Gothian Sands NR 

Shield Bug Coreus Marginatus ( St Gothian Sands NR 

Wall Brown( St Gothian Sands NR )

Monday, 18 May 2015


1st Summer Male Sardinian Warbler at Lands end on Sunday Morning, this is the best I could get of about 10 shots.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


A few images from a couple of hours spent at St Gothian Sands on Tuesday Morning.

Green Veined White  (St Gothian Sands )

Green Veined White  (St Gothian Sands )

Hover Fly Eupeodes Nitens ( St Gothian Sands ).

Small Copper (St Gothian Sands )

True Fly Rhingia Campestris ( St Gothian Sands ).

True Fly Tachina Fera ( St Gothian Sands ).

Wood White ( St Gothian Sands )

Friday, 8 May 2015


Paid a visit to St Gothian Sands NR  yesterday morning. good to see some fine weather for a change.
Not much happening on the Bird front, so decided to see what I could find on the insect front, plenty of common flies around and a few not so common species.
The best of the morning for me was my first images of an Orange Tip Butterfly, and the Ichneumon Wasp was a first also.
So all in all a very enjoyable few hours and hope the weather continues to warm up and bring  out more insects for the lenses.

Cinnabar Moth

Emphid Fly

Hoverfly Syrphus Ribesii

Ichneumon Wasp

Orange Tip Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Six Spot Ladybird

Spider Tetragnatha Extensa

STARLING  (Breakfast Found ).