Monday, 15 June 2009


Hi everyone sorry its been almost a week since the last post, but nice to be back. Quick update I had most of last week off from work as the weather forecast was good and still had a few jobs to catch up on outside, so have been very busy and just managed to get everything done, also upgraded the PC now running very quick indeed. Only got a few brief times with the cameras, so have put together a post of the weeks photo activities.
Swanpool near Falmouth Coot at Swanpool One off the six Cygnets at Swanpool.
Customs House Quay Falmouth
Customs House Quay at Falmouth with Chain Locker Pub in the Background.
Silver Ground Carpet from Friday nights Trap session. Scalloped Hazel "Thanks John"
Riband Wave " Thanks again John" Rabbit and Buttercups
"Foxglove" they are looking beautiful this year.
Buzzard along the old Treasavean Mine Tramway


  1. Hi Monty, I think you will find that your second Moth is called a Scalloped Hazel, your third Moth I think is a Riband Wave. I obtained the I.D.'s from the British Moths by chris Manley.
    Great book, thank you for your excellent comments.
    Hope to meet up soon.

  2. Hi Monty, sorry if you think I'm being rude.
    Only I think your Mottled Umber is probably a Silver-ground carpet.
    Hope I'm wrong.

  3. I agree John it is a Silver Ground Carpet, I went downstairs last Night and looked it up in another book, So I thought I ha better get up early this morning and put it straight .But many thanks anyway.