Sunday, 6 December 2009


Normally I like the winter months, for the clarity of light and the low sun creating long shadows which brings an extra dimension to photography. But this year its been a total washout so far with the wettest November on record, and so far December is not much better. At least we have had a relativly dry day today with just the odd heavy shower, so took the chance to go onto Stithians Res this morning. I was hoping a short cold spell in the north of the UK may have driven some wintering wildfowl, :ie Goosander or Goldeneye southwards,but nothing was seen although the Warden Simon Taylor said he had three female Goldeneye on the res yesterday morning. So it was back to photographing normal species. The Meadow Pipit was in the scrub in front of the main hide, and the Rook was taken through the window at home which is why the image is slightly soft.
The others were taken on the Res at Sththians.


  1. Here it has been bitter cold with many nights below zero. Everything is hiding and trying to keep warm. I have to go into the thickets to get any shots.

  2. A family get together has kept me indoors today so glad you could show me those Pipit shots...well done. FAB.

  3. Nice shots Monty. Like the Pipit shots.

  4. Lovely set of images. The Black Heads are excellent' the weather has driven me mad when we get a short spell of sun I am generally working.