Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Well we have been having a beautiful spell of dry sunny weather over the last week, and its been a case of spending a lot of time outside and very little on the computer.  This is the reason for the lack of posts, so I have  put a selection of the last five days all together.Some are from the local patch, the Great White Egret is from Marazion and the Wheatears from Lands End. There as also been some activity with insects in the garden, so the Macro setup has been dusted off .The insects with scientific names are apparently uncommon so nice to get a few new species around, I think I will have to start an insect log.The insect images have been enlarged as the little beauties are only between 5 - 10 mm in length. So hope you enjoy the selection and I'm off out into the Sunshine.



  1. What a marvelous series of pictures, I don't blame you for enjoying the wonderful weather.
    Sunny :)

  2. Outstanding Monts,lovely assortment of wonderful Images.
    I think your Wren and Wheatears look fabulous,also the Great White Egret.

  3. Lovely set of pics Monty, but I definitely have a soft spot for the singing Wren. Have a good week. FAB.

  4. Lovely set of pictures Monts. Agree with John about te Wren and Wheatears

  5. Quite a montage there Monty. Great stuff.

  6. This is a very nice collection, you really had a great week it seems!
    We have the same kind of weather here too, but our vegetation is not as far as yours. Our trees don't have foliage yet...
    Thank you for helping out with identifying that bird I photographed the other day!
    It's much appreciated!