Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Oh Boy These sort of days depress me, I can stand the cold, I can stand the wind and I love the Sunshine, But sitting here looking out at thick Fog and heavy Drizzle and wanting to get out with the Cameras is hard. Still this is quite normal now as the kids will be breaking up for their Summer holidays later this week and thousands of families will head to the West Country for The Holidays. In this weather they cannot get onto the beaches and spend the days driving from one place to another to try and find something to do. I do feel sorry for them but also for us locals, as you cannot find any parking in the towns and the roads are just chock a block with traffic. Still to look on the bright side I still have Blog land and loads of friends and lots of great Blogs to look at, so I'm gonna remain upbeat and not like this poor Bumble Bee I found after a heavy nights Rain. I hope I don't look as sad as him.



  1. Excellent shot Monts,love the droplets on the leaf,stunning Bumble Bee.
    Fabulous Sharp detail.
    Hope we bump into each soon.

  2. Beautiful shot Monty. I too love the water droplets.

    I remember that weather from one of our visits to Cornwall but what a different place it looks on a sunny day!

  3. Fantastic shot & composition.
    If it`s any consolation, it`s grey & showery up here too.

  4. A great picture! Congratulation!

    I wish you all the best.

  5. Soggy but so, so sharp. Excellent macro Monty. School holidays..well that is a far distant memory! Hope the weather improves for you etc.