Monday, 22 November 2010


Spent a couple of hours at Marazion yesterday morning,and although I never managed any wildlife images a few nice birds were seen,namely Kingfisher, Black Redstart, Snow Bunting and Pale bellied Brent Geese.

I arrived just before daybreak to a lovely sunrise full of peace and tranquillity, one of those magical moments that occur every now and then.


  1. I would love to frame this and hang it on my wall, it's such a beautiful image.
    I just learned that Cornwall has had some terrible flooding around St. Austell. I hope your area is okay.
    ☼ Sunny

  2. A really beautiful photo Monty, my first thought was 'peace and tranquillity'. I would love to have seen any one of those birds, how lovely to see them all!

    I somehow missed commenting on the last post :( but loved that first Canada Goose photo :)

    I too have been concerned about you with the floods. I do hope you haven't been affected.

  3. To you Sunny & Jan
    No we are rather lucky down this end, plenty of hills so the water drains away very quickly.
    But yes they had it pretty bad around Lostwithel, St Blazey, Mevagissey and St Austell.

  4. Nice one I know that area very well!