Wednesday, 8 December 2010


It was the coldest morning so far this winter yesterday,drove down to Marazion and stopping the car the outside temperature was -5c and for the coast that is very unusual.

So spent some time looking over the reed beds, but very little was moving, out in the bay just got a Slavonian Grebe and a couple of Great Northern Divers.

I decided to walk along the beach to Marazion, to see if I could find one or two of the six Black Redstarts that will overwinter in the Marazion - Penzance area.
I have seen these charismatic little birds on many occassions, but do not have any decent images as their flighty nature and not settling in any one place for more than a few seconds make them difficult to photograph.

So as I arrived at the high walled area past the sailing club I immediately caught a flash of that beautiful Rusty Red tail and knew I had found my quarry.

I saw three of this species during my stay, and although I was hoping for an adult male in full plumage, and I did get a brief view of one, this little immature chap was the only one that stayed around.

So he will be the star of this post, but I will be back looking for that male, but I hope you will agree that this is a beautiful little bird.

So I give you the new bird on the blog.



  1. Congratulations Monty,stunning captures.

  2. Lovely shots and cracking bird had a brief look for one last weekend but didn't see one. Bit embarrassing for me as I regard Marazion now as home town for me so I should do better. Thanks also for Macro advice you gave me previously as I forgot to thankyou.

  3. A lovely set of photos of a beautiful bird, well done Monty!

    I am struggling to keep up at the moment but have just thoroughly enjoyed your previous post. Snow on the beach somehow seems totally incongruous :) but the Sanderlings seemed to be coping.

    Love the shot of the Rabbit and so nice to see the Water Rail.

    I bet that pasty tasted good after braving the cold!

  4. I totally agree she is a beautiful little bird.
    Keep warm!
    ☼ Sunny