Monday, 31 January 2011


So there goes January and another cold month, looking forward to a rise in the temperatures over the next few weeks.
But in saying that the birding year has started off reasonably well with 108 species on the new year list, three of which I added today being Black necked Grebe 78 on the Carrick Roads , also one Black Throated Diver.
It was the on to St Clements near Truro where I added Coal Tit to the list,But did not see the Avocets that I went for.
On walking back to the car I stopped to eat a fruit bar ( Got to keep the energy up ) and looking across the mudflats I was very surprised to see this Fox way out in the open, obviously hunger was driving it to extreme measures.
So I started to take a few shots even though it was to far away for decent images, It was suddenly distracted by something (not me as I was partially hidden by a Tree) and turned and came racing back towards me across the mud.
I kept taking single shots as I do not like using continuous shooting mode, and it passed about 20 m to my left across the lane and over the hedge into a field.
A few moments later the cause for its panic became known, as a woman and her very active dog which kept running onto the edge of the mud came along.
So below is a sequence of shots of this lovely fox, and in the first image you can see his quarry the blurred image of a Curlew on the mud.


  1. Those last 4 are superb, well done! and good numbers of BN Grebe too!
    Sounds like a good day

  2. Cool. I`d love to get a pic of one myself.

  3. Amazing captures Monty,i agree with Ashley.

  4. What a great set of images, I really like them Monts. It is good to be in the right place at the right time.

  5. Super set of images love the last three that fruit bar sounds the way forward for me ,may try that myself.

  6. Great set Monty, despite the action looks like you stayed composed and captured the all impoertant images, well done.

  7. Fabulous shots Monty. I love moments like that!

  8. Nicely done Monty!! what a fantastic experience.

  9. Wonderful images! You mean you didn't share your fruit bar with the hungry fox? Haha!
    ☼ Sunny

  10. What lovely photos Monty but such a strange place to see a Fox!! As you say it must have been pretty desperate for food although it did look nice and healthy.

    I don't know how I missed your last post :( But I have just enjoyed catching up with it, very nice photos there too!

  11. Good start to the year list Monty.

    Excellent shots of the fox encounter.

  12. Ciao Monts, the fox is seen in its full beauty, great shots!
    Have a excellent weekend!