Thursday, 14 July 2011



Its been a beautiful sunny day with temperatures around 22c, so have made the best of any spare time this afternoon walking the lanes and fields at the back of the house. I must admit I am ignoring most of the Flies and Hover Flies at the moment unless I find something different.
So what were to days little gems, well I took the public footpath across the fields halfway up the back lane, and came across this Comma Butterfly which was very obliging letting me take shots for about 15 mins as it rested on a Bramble bush in the warm sunshine.
The only downside was it would not turn flat on to the camera lens to allow me to get a clean DOF shot, this is because as well as the 60mm Macro lens I have fitted a 12mm extension tube between lens and camera so I can only focus from 15mm to just about touching the subject. This results in a very narrow depth of field.
Anyway after this on the way back home I spent a little time looking for a new favourite subject the LABYRINTH SPIDER (Sorry Sue if this makes you cringe).




This spider gets its name because it makes a widespread web on hedges and bushes and then makes a deep web hole which it hides in and when prey is caught it rushes out and takes it back into its labyrinth to eat its meal. What I did here was to tickle its web with a blade of grass and it rushed out to see what was for dinner. never mind something else will come along soon.
In the background you can see the hole it has made. ( I think these are great).



  1. Lovely shots Monts,the detail in your Labyrinth Spider is amazing,Macro photography at it's best.
    Super capture,hope to C.U soon.

  2. The DoF has worked well on the 2nd one!

  3. Very special, great captures!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful captures, Monts!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Super macro work Monty.

    P.S. Now I can put a name to the Spider I shot the other day ... thanks.