Thursday, 4 August 2011



Decided to make a long overdue visit to Stithians Reservoir yesterday morning, the forecast was good and it certainly was a lovely still Summers morning.
Started at the Golden Lion Cutoff ( for anyone who does not know the Golden Lion is an old country Inn and having just thought I will try to include a Photo at a later date) where it was very quite with only a few Coot, Little Grebes, Herons and Mallards.
So I had a quick look and drove on to the Southern Causeway Hide, water levels at the moment are beginning to get a bit low which is normal for this time of year as it exposes muddy margins.
So having a good scan I only picked up a Green Sandpiper which was to far away for pics,although I had good views in the scope.
I could make out some waders along the distant shoreline, so decided to have a walk along the East side towards the Dam. It was this walk that produced the best birding With the following species sighted.

14 Common Sandpiper.
3 Green Sandpiper.
4 Redshank.
12 Cormorants.
8 Tufted Ducks
17 Little Grebes.
1 Great Crested Grebe.
5 Grey Herons
Plus good numbers of Coot, Herring Gulls and Lesser Black Back Gulls.
Sadly the Green Sands were all to far away for photo's,.
On the walk I also noticed a few butterflies, so for the walk back I put the 100-300mm Lens on the camera to try and get a few shots.
So below is a selection of the mornings images.

Common Sandpiper at the Dam

Common Blue Damselfly.

Hedge Bindweed.

Green-Veined White.

Above and below a Cormorant at the Dam which was a real poser.

Peacock Butterfly.



  1. Nice shot of the Peacock butterfly.

  2. The timing of your visit to Stithians was impeccable Monty .... nice list and photos to match.

  3. Great shots Monts,must get out there one day soon.

  4. Lovely selection of images would love to be down there at the moment the last Cormorant and Peacock butterfly are my favourites.