Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Well I must be having Blog withdrawal symptoms, just decided I've had enough decorating for today. So thought I would spend an hour on the PC and put up a post , so these two images were taken at Marazion on the same day as the Snow Bunting in the previous post.
Just my luck to be tied up with jobs at the moment,as there has been an influx of Common Cranes, a Desert Wheatear, Dusky Warbler, Pallid Harrier to name a few around Cornwall. Also the Bufflehead is still in the Loe Pool at Porthleven, Hope they stay for another week!!!.



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  1. Ciao dear Monts, I do not know if these two wonderful specimens were aware of the objective, do not seem to be afraid!
    Beautiful shots!
    Have a excellent weekend!