Monday, 20 February 2012


Well this is a first on two counts, No1 two posts on the same day, No2 my first time getting images of a rare Lesser Scaup.
This bird turned up at Newquay Boating Lake yesterday, so this morning the day started dry and sunny and I was on my way.
Newquay is about Twenty Miles North of my home so I was there in 30mins and got onto the bird straight away also it was pretty easy to get reasonable shots as the lake is not so large.
So below are a selection of images of this lovely Duck (The last one I saw was in 2002). The last image is with a Tufted Duck for comparison.
Avery nice visitor from North America.


  1. Stunning shots Monts,might try my luck on Friday.

  2. Stunning images of the Lesser Scaup what a lovely looking duck.

  3. Not the dreaded Lesser Scaup!!! I have spent hours, after finding out there has been one at Draycote, on several occasions in the past trying to find them...and failed miserably every time :-(

    However, many congratulations on your better luck and on the lovely photos! How nice you had sunshine too.

  4. What a brilliant series of the bird, Monts. Superb.

    Have a lovely day.