Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Sunday was set to be a busy day, My wife and myself had to be at Ludgvan Parish Church near Penzance at 10am for a christening, and then back to a local hostelry in Crowlas for a small christening party. Ok the strongest thing I drank was Coffee, then in the afternoon back to our daughters place in Camborne for an evening meal for Mothers Day. Amid all this there was a Night Heron at Polgigga near Lands End.
Sooo the camera bag was stored in the boot of the car just in case, as I would have been halfway there already. After the lunch at Crowlas Lorraine's Sister agreed to take her back to our Daughters place which left me free to pop down for the heron.
Upon arrival there were about six others there and the heron was in full view and posing beautifully on a branch above the water allowing full frame views, so I proceeded to take around a hundred photo's (I must have been the smartest birder there in shirt tie and best trousers ).
Having taken some great shots it was time to head back to Camborne about 20 miles away,upon arrival  I took the camera in with me and said I have some cracking shots and proudly switched on the camera,OH NO it came up telling me there were no images, WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT I had left the card at home in the reader on the computer Boy was I mad with myself as I had other cards in my bag and normally I would check what I have taken before I drove away.
I can tell you I was so Disappointed I got into the car and drove back to try again, but it was now partially obstructed by plants and reeds.
Also to cut a long story short I went back on Monday morning to try again but it had gone.
So below is about the only decent image I managed to get.
Anyway the nice thing on Monday was to see a Moorhen with two new chicks my first youngsters of the new breeding season.  




  1. Bad luck mate,still what you managed to get looks fabulous.
    I might try on Friday,it's my long weekend off.
    Love the Moorhen with her young,stunning capture.
    Hope to bump into you soon,take care.

  2. Happens to us all Monts. Cant tell you how many times I have done that. Great Moorhen image though.

  3. Oh Monty! What a shame, I feel your pain, and would have felt just the same. You showed true dedication by going back twice though and you did still get a good photo of a great bird which I am sure many in this country have never seen, I don't expect I ever will so WELL DONE!!

    As for the photo of the Moorhen, it is lovely, sooo sweet :-)

  4. Whoops! I missed your previous post, great photo!