Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So I did finally manage to get out with the camera on Sunday morning for a couple of hours, and took a walk from Hells Mouth to Godrevy looking for Dartford Warblers which have been reported in the area.
I did not get to find any, but there were quite a number of Skylarks, Stonechats, Goldfinches and Linnets moving around, still it is a very large area to cover so maybe next time.
I did manage to get a few shots, although after over a month of no photography I was surprised how rusty I was.
So looking out of the window as I am typing this and the rain is coming down again. I feel if some Boffin checked the Atlantic Ocean they would find the level has dropped by about Two Metres and its all been dumped on the UK over the last Six weeks.Still looking on the bright side I did manage to get the few pics below.




Right so I found this little lady on the back wall of the house on Tuesday and did not recognize it, so after getting it and looking it up in my books I found it is a Vine Weevil.
Now these are a real pest in the garden, as the grubs eat the roots of mainly pot plants which are killed.
Now my back garden is fully paved and full of pot plants, also with a few fruit and vegetable containers, and as these insects are mainly nocturnal they are difficult to get rid off and the grubs even more so.
One thought is at the end of the season to remove all the plants and sterilize everything with boiling water 
(cruel but maybe the only answer).  




  1. Lovely photos Monty and lovely to see you back with us. More rain here again today, what a dire year it is :-(

    My favourite here is the Skylark. At least looking at that sweet little bird I can dream of long sunny Summers!

  2. Love the Skylark Monts,glad to see you beating the rain,great weevil shots.