Thursday, 31 January 2013


Looking at my feeders this morning I saw a bird flit onto the Fatball feeder, I realized at once it was a scarce garden visitor a Male Blackcap.
As I did not have time for any photos because we were off to do the weekly shop I hoped it would stay around until after lunch.
So around 13.00 hrs I set the camera and tripod up with the wireless remote framed on the fatball feeder,but there were a small group of four Starlings who were very persistent on getting at the food.
After about an hour and quite a few attempts to scare the Starlings off the Blackcap suddenly put in an appearance for around four seconds  and I managed around eight frames at high speed.
I took these shots from the kitchen window inside the house as if I were anywhere outside the bird would not have come to the food as it was very nervous.
So another year tick, the list stands at 99 species for January and a couple of shots are below.



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  1. Very well done Monty! So glad you managed some photos. You would have been very miffed if it didn't show up again after your shopping trip! They are lovely little birds which I too have been lucky to see in my garden in the Winter for the last few years. I hope it visits you again :-)