Sunday, 17 February 2013


Been having a real bird photo famine for the past few weeks, yes I have been out and seen a few things but the results have been awful and not good enough for posting.
I have visited Gwennap looking for the Yellow Browed Warbler a few times but no luck, did see plenty of Goldcrests & Firecrests but no good shots, also managed a distant Green Sandpiper.
So this morning went down to Marazion with Brian & Mark, but it was completely blown out with a real East / South Easterly blowing in.
Then we headed up over the moors looking for some Lapland & Snow Buntings that have been in the area, again no sign.
So it was back home a bit disappointed  and cold,anyway got into the house and looked at the feeders in the back garden and would you believe it there was a Brambling on the Niger Seeds.
This bird is a different one from before Christmas so good to see they are finding the feeders, well got the camera set up and grabbed a few shots a couple of which are below.
Also there is a Chiffchaff from a visit to Gwennap earlier in the week, and the Jackdaw and Starling were taken this afternoon.
So hope to be back out looking for the buntings again tomorrow !! Wish me luck.







  1. A lovely set of photos Monty, so nice to see the Brambling in the sunshine. I usually only see them in snow.

    I was struck by your throwaway comment about 'plenty of Firecrests'!! Many people never see one in their are lucky :-)

    Hope you had luck with your quest today!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Look forward to seeing more great images~