Monday, 4 March 2013


Photographic opportunities have been a bit on the thin side recently, with all the cold easterly winds we have had seems to have kept a lot of birds under cover.
Still did manage a trip down to Marazion on Sunday, had a few species namly Bittern, Black Redstart, and Yellowhammers up on Treen common where it was really chilly to put it mildly.
Best images I could come away with were the Greylag Goose and Rock pipit below.



So now for something completely unexpected, I received a call from a neighbour this afternoon, He said' Do you know you have a Peacock on the roof of your house? I tell you I was halfway upstairs to get my camera before he finished speaking ( I can see the headlines now' 60+ year old wins Olympic Gold in camera grab sprint ).
So out into the back garden and there it was on a neighbours roof three houses along, so spent the next 20 minutes grabbing a few shots which are below as it made its way to the top of the roof, the only downside is I cannot call it a year or garden tick 'darn it'


  1. Good stuff Monts, excellent Peacock images

  2. The bad weather keeps me under cover too Monty ;-) Glad you were able to get out at the weekend, I've never seen a Black Redstart so am envious about that. As for the Peacock!! You just don't expect to hear that when you answer the phone!!! I would love to have seen you making your Olympic medal sprint ;-) You managed some lovely photos of it, they really are beautiful creatures. The only ones I see are when visiting stately homes or similar. I doubt I will ever see one on a neighbour's roof!

  3. Great garden tick Mate,fab images.