Friday, 29 May 2015


A few images taken during trips out in the past week. I Have managed a few new species I find this  very interesting because there are thousands to find and identify.

Beetle Cantharis Rustica( St Gothian Sands NR 

Beetle Oedemera Nobilis ( St Gothian Sands NR )

Capsid Bug ( St Gothian Sands NR )
This is a new one for me, and as of yet not managed to find the specific species.

Chaffinch ( Buller Downs )

Common Blue ( St Gothian Sands NR )

Hoverfly Volucella Bombylans ( St Gothian Sands )

There are two species of this Hoverfly which mimic the Red-Tailed and White -Tailed Bumble Bee.
This is also a new species. 

Orange Tip Female ( St Gothian Sands NR 

Shield Bug Coreus Marginatus ( St Gothian Sands NR 

Wall Brown( St Gothian Sands NR )


  1. A brilliant set of shots Monty, I can imagine that once you get into Macro its very enjoyable, draws you in, especially as you said
    finding new species, not so easy with the birds haha, I have being reading up on Macro this week so who knows....

  2. Great Macro post Mate,so it is a small world.