Sunday, 25 October 2009


Spent the morning at Marazion Marsh it was bright and sunny  with moderate wind coming in from the South West. Started off on the East side by the Standing Stone, nothing special just Little Egret, Grey Heron, Waterail and Kingfisher flitting up and down the reeds. I was joined by another local birder John and we were stood having a quiet chat when this big Black Labrador ran between us and jumped onto the bank and onto the reserve. I turned to look for the owner and this woman was strolling along about 50 metres away with a lead hanging around her neck. I shouted to her and told her to get her dog off the reserve and put it on the lead. At this request she got quite abusive, to cut it short heated words followed. The point I am trying to make is here were two people quietly enjoying a few moments of  bird watching,this spot is well known as a watching point so why could the dog not have been kept on a lead until past the area. I can respect her right to walk her dog, but why do so many of them not respect others enjoying their hobby as well, as this happens so often at Marazion and other places. Anyway after this I took  a walk along the path through the reeds hoping to maybe find a Goldcrest or Firecrest to finish the morning off. Did not find any, so I have just posted a few of the species I happened across.


  1. Some great shots there Monty. Love the Bullfinch.

  2. Last time we were at Draycote we saw a family with a huge dog, admittedly it was on a lead but dogs are not allowed at all apart from in the country park. It wasn't long before the ranger's van appeared and they were clearly being told to leave. I adore dogs and have one myself but if somewhere says 'no dogs' then that should be strictly adhered to. Birdwatching and dogs just don't mix anyway!

    I love all your photos, particularly nice to see the Bullfinch, not a bird we see here very often, when I was little they were very common in our garden but sadly they are few and far between these days. Lovely that you are still seeing butterflies this late too!

  3. Love the Bullfinch shot.
    One of my favourite birds.

  4. Thanks for all the comments folks. I must put ont thing straight I like dogs, having been brought up on a farm we always had three or four dogs around the place and one or two would be with me all the time when I was out and about but they were kept under control. Even now when out birding and I see a dog walking towards I always try to call it over and make a fuss of it, much to the digust of my pal Mark who has an inbred fear of any dog.