Friday, 23 October 2009


Had a day of work today, last of my Holiday,so dropped the wife at work this morning and took the short drive down to Hayle.
First stop was the hide on Ryan's Field just about daybreak, not a lot to report about 9 Lapwings,3 Redshank, Grey Heron, Little Egret ,Grey Wagtail ,Peregrine Falcon,12 Curlews and a brief flash of Kingfisher. Took a few shots of the Grey Wag but nothing good enough to post.

So it Was then across to the Causeway to scan the Main Estuary, The tide was just starting to ebb so every thing was pretty far out. Good numbers of Teal and Widgeon building, plus plenty of gulls and a few common waders. I managed to see the bird I came down for the Spoonbill was on the far side resting. Did manage to get a few shot's of a Mediterranean Gull two of which I have posted tonight. I took them using the 1x4 converter on the 400mm Lens giving me about 560mm but I still had to crop them qiute a bit. The second shot gives a good comparison with the Black Headed Gull in the foreground.


  1. Good shots, the med is a bogey bird for me, I haven't photographed one yet, always to far away.

  2. Great shots Monty. For someone who lives so far from the sea all these gulls can be quite confusing, I think I might have thought it was a Black-headed Gull, mind you I have the same problem with ducks and waders, but I am learning! I noticed that one is ringed.

  3. Great shots Monty. Well done.

  4. Lovely images,had one at Stithians afew weeks ago.
    Not close enough for my camera,yours looks fantastic.
    Well captured Monty.

  5. Hi Monty.

    Did you happen to get the number on the ring?
    Take a look at the Baywatch blog to understand why I have asked.
    Nice shots.