Monday, 15 February 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts and comments for the last week, but I have done something thats given me a pretty painful back down one side and I have not felt like doing much.
So on Saturday morning loaded up with painkillers I felt I had to get out, so I decided to walk around Kennal Vale a small nature reserve in the village of Ponsanooth about 2 mile east from home. This reserve used to be a gunpowder manufacturing plant until the mid fiftes, now you can walk around it and enjoy all the old buildings and the fantastic views into the valley. The reason I did the walk was to find Dippers that live along the stream, I was successful and found one near the bottom of the valley. The last two images are of the Dipper and are only record shots as the bird was very wary and mobile. All other images are scenes from the reserve including the flooded granite quarry where all the stone for the buildings was mined, I have also include the old grinding stones left as relics. Sadly this old relic is still suffering so I guess I will keep taking the Pills.


  1. Sorry to hear that you have been in pain, hope you feel better soon.
    Your pictures are lovely, they almost have a magical feel them and it's delightful to see such nice greenery rather than snow.
    Take care.
    Sunny :)

  2. I really enjoyed your visit Monty and the lovely photos, there is something very soothing about them. Also the lovely bonus at the end with the Dipper.

    I sympathise with the back problems and know how excruciating it can be (yet another side effect of corticosteroids, there are so many!), I don't think sitting at the computer helps either. I do hope it improves soon.

  3. Its that time of year, we are all waiting for spring and suffering from ailments. Hope your back improves soon. Keep on posting as your images are brill.

  4. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful walk. The Dipper is an absolute bonus..I'll have to travel a fair way to see one.
    Hope the medication speeds up your recovery. FAB.

  5. Sorry to hear about your back, Monty.
    What a fab set of photos.

  6. Hi Monty,
    Hope your better !
    Love the stream shots with the slow shutter speed , they came out lovely .
    Dipper was a bonus , haven't got one of those this year yet !
    Take care , see you soon !

  7. Hope the pain has eased Monts. The Dipper looks well fed .

  8. Hi, I am just starting a project on the dipper, I have been looking at kennal vale and made a trip there today. WHere abouts is the best place to photograph them. I found a spot near the bottom of the valley which I feel could be suitable. is it important to be really still and quite or are they a bit more tolerant due to the numbers of walkers in the area?