Saturday, 6 February 2010


Date Friday 5th Feb
Location Swanpool Nr Falmouth.

I had to make a trip to Falmouth to visit one of my sisters who lives at Swanpool, this was also an oppertunity to take a stroll around the pool and take some Photo's of a bird that has been there for about Two Months. The first image is of the location which is in a really nice setting,and just beyond the right of the image you can walk out of the carpark across the road and straight onto Swanpool Beach which is in Falmouth Bay.


So now for the bird I came to see, this bird is not on the recognized species list for the UK as they are mainly escapees from captivity and they turn up every now and then. Still its  really beautiful and elegant even if it is aggressive to the local swan population. So here are a few images of the Black Swan and I think you will agree its a nice looking bird. Following this are a few images of  the local  residents.


                         COOT                                                                                                        MOORHEN.


Saturday 6th Feb
Location Marazion Marsh & Longrock Pool.

Had to get up bright and early this morning as I had to take Lorraine and her sister into Redruth Station as they were off for an overnight stay to London to take in one of the West End shows.
So my brief for the day was to go birding ( what a suprise ), so daybreak found me at Marazion where I spent a couple of hours wandering around. Not much different on the marsh the Bitterns were still flying around and a pair of Herons had started to build a nest. I did get one or two images which I have posted below.



MAGPIE. (Mmmmm Snails for Breakfast )

After a couple of hours I got chatting to another birder who informed me that there was a Black-Necked Grebe and Female Goldeneye on Longrock Pool, as this is just a short walk back along the marsh and over the railway line I headed off. Reaching the pool both birds were quickly located, I was pleased to see the Grebe as I wanted some photo's for my library. Both birds were only just in range of my camera and afforded only record shots three of which are below.




After this nice session I headed back to Hayle for a traditional Cornish Pasty Lunch, then had a look on the Estuary but the tide was out and everything was very Distant so packed up the gear and headed home for a nice hot brew.


  1. Nice shots ! Everytime I go to swanpool , I never have my camera , must go and get that Black Swan !

  2. Hi Mark Thanks for the comment, I did pop into work on Thurs morning heard you were on nights so sorry to have missed you.Hope you and Sarah are both well and will catch up again."What" photographer without his camera never heard such a thing.

  3. Another very enjoyable post Monty with more great photos. The view of Swanpool is lovely.

    We had a Black Swan on a small local lake a couple of years ago, it didn't stay long though. They certainly look very impressive.

    The Stonechat is such a pretty little bird and I just can't get over the amazing camouflage of the Common Snipe, I had to enlarge the photo to make it out, incredible!

  4. A splendid collection of birds, very enjoyable, thank you!

  5. Outstanding set of Images Monty,the Gold Medal goes to the Magpie and Silver to the Black Swan.
    Once again great set of Top Shots.

  6. Great stuff, though distant for me its the black neck grebe, I want an image of them.

  7. Wonderful photos, the Black Swan is breathtaking.
    Oh my! a Cornish pasty, it's been years since I've had one of those. My mouth is watering!
    Sunny :)

  8. Nice blog mate - I like the header Mont-age - nice bit of layering there mate!