Monday, 19 September 2011


This post is a little different from the norm as it is dedicated to a special person, My nephew Ian who lives in Bracknell Berkshire has just spent a week in Cornwall with his carer Mike.
Ian who has Downs Syndrome loves to spend time at Portreath on the Atlantic coast where he spent many happy holidays with his Mum and Dad and his three brothers.
So I would like to send this message to him

Hi Ian
          It was lovely to see you again this year and many thanks to Mike for bringing you down so you could spend some time at Portreath, and as I promised you I have put some photo's of Portreath on my computer for you to look at. I went to Portreath on Saturday morning and took some new ones of places that mean a lot to you, and hopefully Donna will show them to you on the laptop and read you this message.
I was really impressed with that new England football cap you have and think I will have to get one to wear next year  when you come down again.
So take care and remember our little secret that no one must know " We love Dr Who and Shakin Stevens".
See you next year .

So for other news I have been doing a lot of birding as we have had a big influx of American waders due to the recent storms, but not many photo opportunities.
I do have a couple of more common species one of which I have been trying to get a good photo of for ages, so will put these in the next post.

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