Monday, 26 September 2011



Spent a few days last week cleaning up the garden before winter creeps up, around the Dahlia's I spotted this insect which I did not recognize but guessed it was one of the wasp species.
So grabbed the macro setup and took a few shots though it was very mobile, after getting them onto the PC I identfied it as a Digger Wasp (Ectemnius Continuus) which is a real predator around the garden.
It is 8 - 15mm in length and preys on flies and other insects which during the Autumn stores in a burrow inderground.
As you can see from the first image it has I believe caught a Hover Fly and on three occasions it always had a victim. So really pleased to catch up with a new species in the garden.



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  1. More wonderful macro images Monts,not come across this one yet,fingers cross.