Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hi Folks 
             Have not posted for the last week as my wife and I have just come back from a weeks holiday.
We were based in Coventry, and did trips to Stratford Upon Avon, Oxford, and the Cotswold villages of Chipping Camden, Stow in the Wold and Burton Upon the Water, weather was great and really enjoyed the area.
So back home by Saturday, and found a new toy I had ordered waiting for me. I found an excellent second hand Canon EOS 50D SLR with big battery grip (don't believe in buying new as your only paying for the name). So what does this give me over the 20D, about 6 million pixels,much better processor and lot of other little Bells & Whistles
So would you believe that first outing this morning very overcast and very little in the way of birds to really try it out.
Anyway did manage to get a decent flight shot of a Herring Gull which I have posted below, and hope the weather and Bird opportunities improve over the coming week.



  1. Good camera Monts, I am sure you wil get some great shots with it, and yep the weather was not photography friendly today!

  2. Good luck with the new camera. We will look forward to the pictures from it.

  3. Hi Monts. good choice. I got one when they 1st came out an love it. not a bad 1st shot from it either!! looking forward to seeing what comes out of it next.

  4. A very nice shot with your new toy Monty, I think you are going to have fun with it :-)

    It sounds like you have had a lovely time in my neck of the woods ;-) and I know the weather wasn't too bad either. All of the places you mentioned are afternoon outings for us :-) Chipping C, Stow, Bourton and Stratford all being firm favourites. Coventry is a bit further than the others and I'm not too keen on it but then I'm not keen on any cities or large built up places. My husband was born in Oxford though and there is certainly lots to see there with all the colleges, museums, cathedral, botanical gardens, river etc.