Thursday, 20 September 2012


Glorious  clear day yesterday,and on the way back from a trip to Truro I noticed we had one of those cotton wool sky afternoons.
So got home grabbed the camera and headed of into the hills to the South of the village,found an ideal spot in an open field that gave great views looking North/East.
So the daylight shots below were taken with the 50D, and the distant hills in the first shot are in the ST Austell area approx 25 miles away.
I do like skies and cloud formations(must come from looking up at all those birds) so I have included a few others from the past, the Lands End sunsets were taken 2 weeks ago when we spent the night in the Lands End Hotel and were taken with the Canon G10.
The final two images were taken with the 20D awhile back, the morning sky was from the back garden, and the final sunset was at Zennor on the St Ives to Lands End coast road.


  1. Another stunning set Monts,your last two images are my favourites,the cloud formation look like little Nymbo Stratus.

  2. Lovely, peaceful photos Monty, all beautiful! My favourites are the third from the bottom and the last one.

  3. The sunset images are superb Monts.