Wednesday, 5 December 2012


 The weather Forecast was for a much better day this morning, so decided to take a look around Falmouth and Swanpool as some decent sightings were being reported.
So started off at Castle Beach which is on the seafront at Falmouth, hoping to see some of the four Black Redstarts reported there, got pretty lucky as I managed to see Three one of which posed very nicely.
Also out in the bay were Four Common Scoter and One Great Northern Diver, but to far out for photo's.
Having spent far more time than I wanted there I then went on to Swanpool to have a quick look for a Dusky Warbler that's been there for a few days.
Sadly I did not find it as I was a bit short of time for a good look, but did get some nice images of a Chiffchaff and a very seasonal iconic Robin.
So very enjoyable morning and I am going back again tomorrow to try and hunt out the Dusky Warbler.





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  1. Lovely photos Monty. The Black Redstart is a pretty little bird and one I have never managed to see. The last photo is nice and seasonal too :--) Good luck for the Dusky Warbler. I don't even know what that looks like so am off to look it up now :-)