Friday, 30 May 2014

BUGGING AROUND 30/05/2014.

Spent last Tuesday and Wednesday morning wandering around Godrevy looking for Bugs and whatever else I could find.
Tuesday was a glorious morning with plenty of activity so the macro lens was working overtime, taking around 75 shots with some great species new to me.
So back home and downloaded them on to the computer, put card back in the camera and formatted it off.
I then realized I had only downloaded 23 of the images and all the best ones were erased, I can say I was really annoyed with myself, and that's what found me back again on Wednesday morning to see if I could find any of these species again.
Needless to say I did not find any as the morning was much colder and things were not so active, anyway I did manage to get some new species to make up for the ones I lost which was some consolation.  

BUG ( Rhopalus Subrufus ).


HUNTING SPIDER ( Pisaura Mirabillis ).
New Species on List.

SNIPE FLY ( Rhagio Scolopaceus ).

ROVE BEETLE (Paederus Littoralis ).
New Species on List.

SAND WASP ( Ammophila Sabulosa).
New species on list.

SAND WASP ( Ammophila Sabulosa).
New species on list.

SPOTTED CRANE FLY (Nephrotoma Appendiculata )
New species on the list.

THE CINNABAR (Tyria Jacobaeae )

This was the view from the sand dunes on Tuesday morning.

This view was taken with the 70-300 mm lens which I am finding to be very versatile and a great addition to the bag.


  1. Bad luck Mate,done the same,love your Macro set.
    Some new ones,I've not seen.
    May pop down that way next week.

  2. That is bad news Monty, the shots posted are excellant

  3. These are very good Monts I have made the same mistakes as well we all do.