Sunday, 4 May 2014


Post with a bit of a difference tonight, Brian and I went down to Kynance Cove on the Lizard this morning to look for the Great Spotted Cuckoo that's been showing on and off.
Well same old story we arrived after it had been seen, and it did not show again until this afternoon at 15.00 pm, and by that time we had been back home for quite a while.
Still that's Birding for you, so on to the next bit as we were getting set to leave another birding friend Lynton, who is also interested in all things natural came over to us and asked if we had ever seen a plant called Land Quillwort, which is very rare and the only place on the UK mainland it is found is a few small pockets in the Lizard area.
Well Brian and I both said we had not seen it, so Lynton said come with me and took us to a field just off the coast path, and there in the shelter of a large granite boulder showed us a small patch of three of these minuscule plants.
So below is a photo of it taken with the 70-300mm lens which was the only suitable bit of kit I had with me.
The Lens is zoomed up to 200mm and the image is cropped to 80% which was the best I could do.
So thanks Lynton and though most people may think its nothing out of the ordinary looking it was a real find.


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