Sunday, 30 August 2009


Spent a couple of hours doing a Seawatch at Pendeen yesterday morning, not so much going through but did manage Great Skua , Pomarine Skua although distant, Balearic Shearwater, Manx Shearwater, Gannets plus a few other  common species. It seems the best day was Friday when the tail end of Hurricane Bill past through to give some great Seawatching ( Pity work got in the way again ).
After this I went across to Bottallack to see if I could find the Choughs, but it seems they were not coming out to play. On walking along the cliffs I came across a Gorse Bush covered with a Creeper like plant (maybe someone knows what it is ) that was acting as a magnet for all sorts of insects,which were going crazy crawling along the stems. Luckly I had my Macro lens in my pocket, so a quick setup and I spent the next hour Photographing this scene.
So here are a set of images that were taken all on the same plant.


  1. Your plant is Dodder which is a parasite of gorse and heather, although I have never seen it on heather

  2. Thanks Jowan
    Have seen it before but did not know its name.

  3. Thanks Monty for the comment. I am delighted with the raw format. I was just waiting to buy a new lappy to be able to use it. Even now, the new one groans under the strain! Worth it though and I see what you mean by "more control", Steve.

  4. Great stuff Monty, what a lot you saw on just one plant, beautifully photographed! I loved the photos from your archive on the previous post too.