Saturday, 22 August 2009


Well here we are at the weekend again, and its pretty miserable outside at the moment. I was hoping to get out on an insect hunt this morning, but the rain has put paid to that for the moment (Maybe Later ). So here are a couple of images taken in the garden last evening.

This is one of the family of Saw Flies, of this species there are about 400 different types in the UK. They are daytime flyer's and are regular visitors to Flower Beds, at rest they fold their wings flat over their body. Most adults feed on pollen and nectar although some are partly carnivorous. Many Saw Fly larvae resemble the caterpillars of butter-flies and moths,but they have more stumpy legs on the abdomen.

Hover Flies are some of our most colourful and spectacular flies. There are about 250 species found in the British Isles, and like a lot of other insects are only known by scientific names. As well as their amazing hovering ability most display a swift darting flight. Most Hover Flies are excellent mimics of Bees and Wasps, but can be distinguished by much shorter drooping antennae. Main food for adults is Nectar, where as Larvae can be carnivores,vegetarians and scavengers.

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