Sunday, 16 August 2009


So have just spent the last couple of days playing with a new toy, treated myself to a Canon 60mm EF S Macro Lens. So the post tonight is of some of the first images taken, and at the moment I am quite pleased with the results, but hope to improve in the coming days. All the shots were hand held using the 430ex flash unit.
The forth picture is incorrectly named, it is a DARK ARCHES not a Green- Brindled Crescent. Many thanks to John Swann for pointing this out to me. I sometimes find it difficult to indentify some of them due to them being very much alike. So thanks John I appreciate it.


  1. Monty,Moth labled Green-brindled crescent is a Dark Arches.Cheers John

  2. Thanks John Could not really separate it in the books, still struggle with some of them.

  3. Monty,fantastic Images.Macro Magic at it's best.