Sunday, 8 November 2009


So Into the first week of November and we really have seen a change in the weather. Strong North Westerlys with a lot of heavy rain driving through. Not much chance to get out and about. I did manage an hour yesterday morning along Buller Downs, but it was blowing hard and the bird life was non existant. Only thing of note was this little chap in the first pic sheltering under a hedge out of the wind.

So it was back home where I managed to get this House Sparrow doing exactly the same thing in a Privot Bush.

So this morning Rememberance Sunday it was down West where I met up with my Pal Mark and we went to Marazion but very little around in the strong wind. So it was off over the High Moors looking for Owls and Harriers, went across Men-An -Tol and Trewey Common, could hardly stand up in the wind at times. Sad to say hardly a bird to be seen except for 1 Common Buzzard, and a flock of between 300-500 Golden Plover which were to distant and twitchy to Photograph. I think I have a flight shot of Golden Plover last winter at Trewey Common, so if I can dig it out I will add them to the bottom just for the record.


  1. The weather here is very similar Monty :( it has definitely turned colder. Neither of your subjects looked at all impressed, like the rest of us, I expect they had been spoilt with the milder weather! Lovely photos though and of the Golden Plover.

  2. Great pictures. We have those English sparrows here also.