Wednesday, 25 November 2009


So here we are into the forth week of these storms that are sweeping in off the Atlantic, we are very lucky down here in the SW as the water drains away very quickly and we dont get the problems the poor folk have got up in the NW. We all feel for them and the situation they are in, and hope it improves very soon.
Not being able to get out with the camera I am running out of new material to post, so it was back to wading through the archives.
Now I enjoy seeing the Waders which turn up on our shores and Reservoirs from Autumn through to late Spring, So I dug into my Wader Folder and came up with todays selection, most of these are common birds albiet passage migrants or overwintering on our shores. I have posted a couple  of rare vagrants these are the Buff Breasted Sandpiper and the Spotted Sandpiper which have turned up over the last few years.


  1. reading your last post Monts . these people do not notice anything unless it looks like money
    they just cannot fathom anything out there brains are not in motion to work things out for themselves. wildlife has no meaning to them unless they can eat it. its just one of those things, I am in Africa! at least when I was in Kenya they had moral values here, They have none whatsoever. I love this country and its wildlife.
    I have yet to meet an Egyptian that does not want something from me. What was Cher's Song about Gypsy's and thieves. these are liars beggars and thieves.

  2. A great selection there Monty.

  3. Lovely photos Monty, and most of them not very common to me, living in such a land-locked area.

    I hope we will all be able to get out and take some photos soon, it does make blogging difficult when it is like this.