Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Beautiful bright and sunny start to this morning, feet were really itching to get up and get walking. But sadly had to stay at home as I was expecting a delivery.
So around sun up I spent around 45 mins scanning the trees around the back of the house, just the usual common stuff Blackbirds, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Magpies, and Jackdaws, Rooks and Blue and Great Tits. Took a few Photo's then guess what? (The Battery Pack ran out), so now it was back to work. Brushed up the leaves along the front path, ran the hoe over the borders,then put on some thick gloves and pruned the Roses. In the front of the house I have a small paved area with a Garden Seat and some plant pots which still have a good display of Non Stop Begonias. It was by one of these that I was cutting up the Rose Prunings into a refuse sack when somthing flicked near my left hand. "WOW" I could not believe it, two inches from my fingers was a HUMMING BIRD HAWK MOTH its long tongue dipping into the flowers to take the Necter. Where was the camera? In the house having the batteries charged!!!! so I just stood there for a couple of minutes and admired the beautiful sight as it worked its way around the plants and then flew off into the nieghbours gardens. So sorry to say folks no shots of  a great Migrant Moth this time, hope you can make do with a few commoner species.
Finally I would like to say Hello to Mary in Florida for finding and taking a look at the blog, Thank you and I hope you come back again.


  1. Oh bad luck Monty! It always happens that way, I now have a spare battery pack to at least help a little. The only time one appeared in our garden was some years ago before I had the camera :( but aren't they spectacular, I have never forgotten 'mine', a magical experience!

    I love your garden birdy photos, we have had dismal weather for some days, no good for photography at all!

  2. I'm sure you'll get another chance Monty.
    You might want to take a look at the comment I placed on your last post. It may be of interest.

  3. I keep finding bird fanciers' blogs lately via friends' posts. Maybe it's a sign that I need to get my eyes off the plants and up to the sky. Hope your camera is handy the next time one of those glorious moths shows up.

  4. You have a wonderful blog! Beautiful photos! I am a new follower!