Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Hi Everyone I have not been very active on the nature side of things this last week, it has been the annual pligrimage to Bass Point on the Lizard Penninsula for the International Marconi Day Radio Amateur event.
So the later half of the week was spent checking antennas and equipment I needed to take with me.
So Friday was spent setting up Antennas and getting the station operational, and Saturday was spent operating, and taking the equipment down at the end of the day.
The event went very well although it was very windy on Saturday all the antennas survived, the dicey part was taking them down in the wind and I did manage to pull a muscle in my neck and shoulder which has been painful (My brain thinks I'm 20 and my body says I'm not), any a few hot showers and muscle lubricant and its much better. So I will not bore you with any images of the event as I have posted them on previous years.
So Sunday was spent relaxing and and just pottering around the home. I did get out for a couple of hours birding on Monday morning down to Hayle Estuary and got the American Golden Plover that turned up the day before, sadly it was to far away for good pics.
We also had a Hobby fly over, and spent almost an hour with the Bonaparte's Gull thats still there and managed to get some closer photo's.
Also had a Stock Dove and Common Sandpiper, So below are a couple of images of the Bony's.



This final image is in response to Anthonys comment, Anthony don't be to concerned about the ID  as when you see it in comparision to the Black Headed Gull it really stands out. If I can identify it then anyone can, so  hope you get it.


  1. Nice shots of the Gull Monty glad you captured it. Thought better of going over to Hayle in case I couldn't identify it.

  2. Great captures Monts,well done.

  3. Wonderful pictures of the gull! Congratulations!

    Greetings from Romania.

  4. Ciao Monts, what a wonderful opening of the wings we can see in your second picture!
    Have a good day!