Saturday, 7 May 2011


Made an early start down to Marazion this morning to try and nail the Great White Egret I have been after for the last week.
I arrived at 06.45 and the weather was awful, heavy rain and fog so spent 45 minutes sitting in the car,but it finally stopped and the fog started to clear.
Not much activity on the marsh, so took a walk along to Longrock Pool and as I neared the railway bridge I caught a brief view of it as it flew up and dropped into the reeds again. I then meet Lynton who said he had walked to the area and as he looked around the edge of the marsh it was right in front of him but flew off immediately into the reeds which was the view I got.
So we went back to the viewing area and waited for around 45minutes and I was beginning to think it was not going to show.
Suddenly it popped up and started to fly towards us and landed for about 30seconds on the edge of the reeds, it then took off again and flew along the reeds in front of us giving some fine views before dropping into the marsh at the Marazion end.
So in the end the patience paid off and below are a few of the images I got, even though the light was not at its best.



  1. Lovely shots, looked for it last weekend but weather wet and no show, glad you had better luck than me.

  2. Well done Monty, your patience and persistence paid off! I had heard there was one down your way, I think it may have been on Bird Guides.

    Lovely photos despite the light, I particularly like the ones with the yellow flowers.

  3. Hope its still there tomorrow morning, and lets me get some images like yours!! Well done!