Monday, 13 June 2011



Spent most of a very soggy Sunday yesterday in front of the PC it was really miserable outside, still it gave me a chance to catch up and sort a load of images I had in a pending folder.
Guess I sorted and identified around 200 photos ( No wonder I'm boggle eyed today ), still it was a job that needed doing.

So this post contains quite a number of images which I've taken since the start of the year, and hopefully they are Identified correctly !!!!!.


Black Headed Cardinal Beetle ( Lagria Hirta )

Bumble Bee (Bombus Platorum )

Bumble Bee

Click Beetle  ( Rhagonycha Fulva )

Digger Wasp ( Ammophila Sabulosa )

Dog Rose.

Dog Rose.

Drone Fly (Eristalis Tenax )

Empid Fly.

Empis Tessellata.


Hemlock Water-Dropwort.

Hemlock Water-Dropwort.

Horse Fly   ( Chrysops Caecutiens)

Hover flies - ( Sicus Ferrugineus)

Hoverfly  ( Volucella Bombylans)

Lily Beetle - (Lilliceris Lillii )



Sawfly  (Tenthredo mesomela )

Sawfly (Tenthredopsis scutellaris)

Short Winged Conehead.

Tarnished Leaf Bug ( Lygus Rugulipennis)

Wood Avens.

Wood For-Get-Me-Not.

Yellow Dung Fly.

Yellow Iris.



  1. Well done Monts - I guess you were doing what everyone in the UK was doing yesterday - sheltering from the rain! Good post. Steve.

  2. Thats some selection and very high quality work. Love the Dung fly, the saw fly , and that click beetle.

  3. superb collection. my favourite shot is the Hemlock Water-Dropwort.

  4. You used your 'soggy Sunday' well Monty! A lovely selection here, all so beautifully detailed.

    Difficult to pick favourites but I think mine are the Forget-Me-Not and the Drone Fly.

  5. Ciao Monts, that spectacular overview of the beauties of nature!
    Have a good evening!

  6. Hey Monty, finally getting through the backlog. What an impressive collection of macro shots, and hasn't that red kite travelled. I thought they stayed fairly close to their release sites

  7. have made ​​some spectacular photos !!!!!!!!!