Friday, 3 June 2011

Kennel Vale 31/05/2011


Earlier this week I took a walk with Ashley around Kennel Vale NR, which is located 1 1/2 miles east of home.

This used to be a gunpowder plant until the 1960's when it closed down and ever thing went into disrepair.
Anyway we were looking for Dipper in the stream to try and get some images and although we saw one it was very mobile and did not give any photo opportunities.
At least I took a few shots of the area though these do not show it at its best.This is due to the dry spring we have had and the levels in the stream are very low, and all the vegetation hides most of the old buildings.
Only bird we managed to photograph was a Song Thrush high in the canopy.




  1. A shame you didn't manage to photograph the Dipper but the photos you did get do show the perfect place for Dippers and at least you saw one.

  2. Lovely images and looks a good place to visit, never been there myself. Will pay it a visit one day as I would love to see a Dipper.

  3. strange to think of a plant gunpowder in a place so beautiful !!!!!!!

  4. Unlucky with the Dipper but good images of the landscape etc.

  5. Looks like a place worth exploring for future oportunities. Good shots.