Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Had arranged a morning out with Brian this morning, the plan was to go for the Waxwings that had been at Mylor Bridge on the Carrick Roads.
But they were not reported yesterday, but a Male Long Tailed Duck had been seen on Carnsew Pool at Hayle so we decided to take a look for that instead.

Arriving at Carnsew we scoured the pool but it was not there, it was then onto the Causeway to scan the estuary, still no sign of it.
We then drove to Carbis Bay to check the sea area in case it had moved onto the sea, saw a very nice small Pod of Dolphins moving across the bay, but still no sign of the Duck.
Next it was down to Lelant Station to check out the lower Estuary but still no sign so back again to Carnsew for a second check guess what no sign.
Right had to get something out of the morning so drove to the Mill Pond in Hayle to have a look at the male Pintail that was reported there.
At last something to look at even if it was an escapee, and got a few pics for the effort, Finally it was onto Copperhouse Creek just in case the L.T.D was there but again nothing seen.
Still we did get three Brent geese, one Greylag Goose, and a Spoonbill on the esutary so we did not do to badly.
The images below are a few rewards of the mornings search.
Moral of the morning is you have to have the bad days to make the good ones!!!


Taken from the Black Bridge at the top of Copperhouse Creek.


Taken on the Estuary just off Lelant Station.


This Pintail was on the Mill Pond at Hayle and is considered to be an escapee.



  1. Hi Monts, may be worth another look tomorrow for the LT Duck, I was told it appeared about 10:30 (just after we left,lol) I went back at 3pm and it was there bit distant though got some record shots.

  2. I'm sure it was still nice to be out and enjoying the birds Monty even though not quite what you wanted. Lovely photos, I particularly like the Black-headed Gull with reflection. I would be happy with any Pintail, escapee or not, it's still a Pintail :-)

    So nice to see the lovely Whoopers on the previous post too. I never see them here!