Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Well the weekend celebrations of our forty years are now behind us, but I must admit it was lovely to get both our families together again and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As you can imagine there was no time for photography, but I did  get a quick look in the garden on Sunday morning and rushed back inside to grab my camera, when I spotted a Peacock Butterfly flitting around the flowers. Got a few shots even though I still had the 400mm lens attached. so it really was a case of a beautiful insect starting off a beautiful day.


  1. Lovely shots Monty... I have not seen one of those this year.
    Glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

  2. Hi Monty,great Peacock pics.
    Glad your 40th went well.

  3. Lovely photos Monty, I think they are one of the most beautiful butterflies we have in the UK. As you say a great start to your very special day!

    Very many belated Anniversary congratulations to you and your wife :)