Friday, 18 September 2009


Spent yesterday afternoon working in the garden, where a couple of bits caught my eye, The Saw fly was very obliging as it went through the Begonias'. Also the Garden Spider was too good to miss with the black backdrop.
So last night I put out the Moth Trap, only about half a dozen species of which the Brimestone was the most outstanding. The real suprise was the Caddis Fly as this was a first for the Trap, and I must say I think it is a beautiful insect even when it performs Hand stands.


  1. Just caught up with your last few posts Monty, what beautiful photos!

    Lovely, lovely Cornwall! You are so lucky, you really don't need to go far on your holidays! I haven't been for some years (it's a bit of a long haul) but I have the fondest memories of it and the photos you showed illustrate its beauty so well.

    Great insects on this post and I particularly loved the first photo of the Ringed Plover on the last but one post...great stuff :)

  2. Hi,Monty great to meet you at Marazion today.
    I've stuck the Moth trap out and waiting with fingers crossed.
    Love your Caddis fly.

  3. Great shots Monty. I must have a go at moth trapping. Beats chasing them around the kitchen to put them outside before you go to bed!

  4. Hi , Monty
    Sensacionales imagenes y articulos muy interesantes. Aquí tienes un seguidor.
    Un saludo.

  5. Lovely set of shots Monts, I love stuff photographed in the garden.